Reduce emissions by reinventing fuel supply chains through innovative low carbon solutions in agriculture and energy


As regulators pursue a path to decarbonisation, biofuels present a significant opportunity to reduce fuel supply emissions across a variety of sectors.

CFP Energy supplies and offtakes physical biofuels across Western Europe and can hedge products globally. As a specialist market-maker, we connect consumers, distributors and refiners alike to keep the market developing at pace.

Compliance Carbon
Voluntary Carbon


As businesses look to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and actively support cleaner initiatives, incorporating biogas into your supply mix gives you an opportunity to reduce emissions through insetting.

We supply and offtake physical biogas across different European countries, and operate as a specialist market-maker for biogas certificates, providing hedging services to energy-intensive organisations.


Feedstocks are an essential component in the biofuels value chain, and understanding their nature and nuances allows clear traceability throughout the process.

CFP Energy offtakes and supplies physical feedstocks in Europe, and also provides market-making expertise worldwide for single-counting and double-counting feedstocks.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Asset Optimisation

Transition Fuels

The transition to sustainable fuels is a complex path to navigate, calling for expert solutions. For businesses that rely on conventional fuels to ensure business continuity, we provide market-making and hedging strategies.

These can be subsequently bundled with low-carbon fuels to help with the energy transition ahead.

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