Optimise your power strategy, reduce volatility, and maximise the value of your renewable asset generation

UK Energy Supply

As part of the CFP Energy group, Brook Green Supply provides power and gas to a diverse portfolio of industrial and commercial energy consumers across the UK.

In a market that rewards flexibility, our services enable customers to optimise their energy generation and supply within an increasingly volatile and intermittent grid.

Compliance Carbon
Voluntary Carbon

Power Market Access & Supply

CFP Energy helps clients across the UK and Europe access a range of prompt and longer-dated power products. Combined with our ability to trade carbon and transition fuels, we offer market-leading intelligence and bespoke insights to transform what the market can deliver for you.

Our local market presence means we are able to provide access and solutions in both established and emerging power markets.


PPAs promote the growth of renewable energy and consequently the reduction in fossil fuel reliance. We work with renewable energy generators, offtakers and corporate buyers to deliver innovatively structured PPAs and CPPAs.

Through our network of UK and European offices, we can offer local market specialisation via both physically and financially settled PPA structures across a variety of technologies and geographies.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Asset Optimisation

Renewable Asset Optimisation

Our specialist team of analysts works daily with market leading fundamentals to provide evolving models for wind and solar generation and price forecasting.

This allows us to manage and optimise renewable assets and exposures by providing direct access to power markets and large industrial consumers.

Cyber Security

As the energy grid becomes more decentralised, it is essential that renewable assets are protected against increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats.

CFP Energy provides onsite teams to assess your asset and system vulnerabilities, bespoke cyber security services, and ongoing 24/7 surveillance and support.

CFP Energy’s structured solutions

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