Voluntary carbon

An Essential on the Route to Net Zero

Voluntary carbon credits enable organisations to offset unavoidable emissions, prepare for forthcoming regulations and align with evolving stakeholder expectations.

The Voluntary Carbon Market, upon which credits are exchanged, presents a further opportunity to bridge the annual $600 - $800bn (est) financing gap to combat biodiversity loss and climate change.

To drive your organisation towards net zero while supporting the development of sustainable projects around the world, contact our team now.

How we help

Are carbon emissions an unavoidable product of your operations?

We can help you compensate for hard-to-abate emissions on your decarbonisation journey.

Whether it's a transitional requirement or a longer-term reality, we'll work with you to meet the challenge head-on, sourcing the carbon credits you need to meet your strategic requirements.

As carbon market participants, we can provide access through a diverse range of mechanisms, offering associated risk management intelligence to help you make informed portfolio decisions.

Whether you need immediate access to suitable credits or are looking for a long-term arrangement – out team can deliver the service your organisation deserves.

Project development

We can provide you with unparalleled access to the project development process. Our position in the market gives access to all project types, standards, and geographies, allowing you to find and champion projects that are closely aligned with your principles. By getting involved at an early stage you receive all the associated integrity and cost benefits while allowing us to utilise our risk-management expertise to keep the associated risks to a minimum.

High quality due diligence

CFP Energy screens all early-stage investment opportunities by applying a rigorous due diligence process featuring proprietary carbon project quality assessment tools and thorough satellite analysis.

Careful due diligence is imperative in mitigating voluntary carbon market risk and generating a reliable source of high-quality carbon credits for our clients.

It’s important to:

Plan strategically. To develop a balanced emission reduction strategy that aligns with short-term needs and long-term goals.

Prioritise transparency. To avoid damning claims of greenwashing, ensure credits reflect genuine emissions reductions, coming through legitimate projects.

Understand the market. The voluntary carbon market is particularly opaque, liquid and juvenile – navigate it with a trusted partner.

We help by:

Providing immediate access. To existing markets, as well as our own high-quality portfolio. We can also leverage broker relationships for specific requirements.

Managing price risk. Hedge against price fluctuations and secure known costs through futures and forwards contracts.

Offering long-term arrangements. Become sole off-taker of the credits generated by green projects in our own derisked and thoroughly vetted portfolio.

Voluntary Carbon Insights


Voluntary Carbon Market: Overview

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) enables businesses, governments, and individuals to purchase carbon credits to offset their emissions. Carbon credits can be seen as a company’s voluntary tax on their emissions, channelling funding into projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

8 May 2024
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Clean Cookstove Projects: Debunking Headlines and Embracing Progress

Amidst the flurry of media attention surrounding clean cookstove projects, it is essential to consider a full range of standpoints to ensure that we focus on continuously improving the quality and integrity of carbon projects. Scrutiny drives change, and with it, the voluntary carbon market can continue to deliver climate finance to initiatives that go beyond emission reductions and offer meaningful benefits to communities.

26 Mar 2024
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Why is Article 6 so relevant to the VCM from a quality and integrity perspective?

With Article 6 developments set to drastically affect views on quality and integrity in the VCM, now more than ever it is essential to gain an understanding of what exactly Article 6 is, how the VCM is involved, and why it is so important.

15 Feb 2024
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