Compliance carbon

The Challenge and Opportunity

Many countries are adopting Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) as their flagship climate strategy. From power generation, industrial and manufacturing to shipping and aviation, every business within high-emitting sectors in the UK and EU now faces a cap on carbon emissions.


Both the EU ETS and UK ETS are going through significant reform which will tighten the cap from now until 2030, reduce free allocations and remove surplus allowances. These changes are forecast to increase future allowance prices and require new abatement technologies to achieve future emissions reduction targets. With this in mind, ETS operators face a choice on whether to decarbonise over the next 5 years, budget for higher carbon prices or use the carbon market to lock in compliance costs now.

How we help

We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes understand their ETS requirements for more than 15 years. From developing an effective trading strategy to purchasing the carbon allowances you need, we tailor our support to your real-world context. Providing custom compliance solutions and commercially-sound strategies that work for today's needs and tomorrow's ambition.

Where carbon markets are:

Complex and hard to access, especially for those newer to the opportunity.

Constantly changing, with a regulatory landscape that evolves at both global and local levels.

Volatile, prone to price fluctuations that can have huge financial implications. 

Commercially challenging to implement as part of your carbon strategy.

We help by:

Award-winning market access. Understand and optimise your access to carbon compliance markets, benefiting from our longstanding experience.

Providing clarity. Whether local or global, we will keep you up to date on the latest policy and market developments.

Tailored risk management. Our unparalleled experience and unique suite of products helps you make informed decisions and reduce compliance costs. 

Balancing your needs. We address short and long-term requirements with commercially-sound, pragmatic strategies.


In January 2024, the EU's ETS was extended to cover carbon emissions from all large ships entering EU ports, regardless of the flag they fly. Incentivising energy efficiency, low-carbon solutions and the uptake of alternative maritime fuels, this expansion will also require the shipping sector to implement new compliance strategies. We’re here to help you set a commercially sound course from the outset of your planning.

Liquidity Solutions

In a dynamic business environment, liquidity is critical. It allows you to navigate uncertainty, seize opportunity and ensure long-term sustainability.

We work with you to unlock working capital through a range of bespoke solutions to ensure your financial position is well protected.

Risk Management for Carbon

Structured products underpin our ability to deliver superior risk management services. By applying industry-leading market knowledge, we’re able to design and implement structured solutions for your specific energy portfolio and overall hedging requirements. 

Receive maximum value, security and price certainty. Our structured solutions deliver a greater degree of flexibility and an optimised hedging strategy, tailor-made for your business.

Why work with us?

Exceptional market access

Whether you're buying or selling, access carbon markets and optimise your carbon compliance strategy.

Tailored risk management

Agile, thoughtful and specific compliance strategies.

Unrivalled ETS experience

Benefit from 15 years of operational ETS experience in managing EU and UK ETSs.

Commercially balanced decisions

Real-time intelligence to support better decisions and transactions.

Custom compliance solutions

Solutions tailored to your short-term imperatives and long-term ambitions.

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