Environmental products

Environmental Products

Balance commercial pragmatism with meaningful environmental commitments by ensuring carbon compliance, managing risk, and supporting sustainability initiatives

Compliance Carbon

Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) require you to comply with a carbon emissions limit, managed through government-issued allowances.

Since 2006 and the inception of the world’s largest emissions trading scheme, we have been providing our clients with a leading set of carbon solutions. Across the EU and UK schemes, our experienced team offers market access, structured solutions and bespoke carbon strategies.

Compliance Carbon
Voluntary Carbon

Voluntary Carbon

The voluntary carbon market (VCM) is an effective tool to help you compensate for your hard-to-abate carbon emissions while meaningfully investing in climate action, communities, and biodiversity.

CFP Energy has developed a large and diverse portfolio of high-quality credits, spanning a range of technologies and geographies. We can provide direct access to the VCM, whether through our portfolio or bespoke investment opportunities in relevant carbon projects.

Renewable Energy Certificates

We are able to source international renewable energy certificates from a range of technologies and geographies to meet your specific business requirements.

Renewable energy certificates are used to demonstrate that electricity has been generated from low carbon sources.

Renewable Energy
Liquidity Solutions to generate returns

Liquidity Solutions

As carbon allowances become increasingly valuable and volatile, they represent a potential source of income and untapped liquidity.

CFP Energy works with you to utilise your carbon inventory to optimise cash flows and generate returns.

Structured Solutions

Unique structured products underpin how CFP Energy delivers superior risk management services. By working with our experienced trading team, we are able to design and implement solutions for your specific energy portfolio and overall hedging requirements.

CFP Energy’s structured solutions deliver a greater degree of flexibility ensuring maximum value, security and price certainty.

CFP Energy’s structured solutions
Shipping Emissions Compliance

Shipping Emissions Compliance

From 2024, the shipping industry will be subject to a carbon emissions cap under the EU ETS.

CFP Energy works with you to untangle shipping’s complex issues of ownership and carbon responsibility, as well as designing a bespoke strategy to ensure full ETS compliance. As market leaders, we will get you ready for compliance from 2024 onwards.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

CBAM will require importers to calculate, report and pay for carbon emissions for products imported into Europe, covering sectors such as iron, steel, cement and fertilisers.

CFP Energy can help you understand the impact of CBAM and provide solutions to manage the cost.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

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