Renewable energy certificates

From Challenge to Credibility

From water to wind, renewable energy sources are variable by nature. When conditions are right, generated energy is fed into the power grid — but how can this be accurately tracked? With many organisations on the path to reduced climate impact via renewable energy adoption, it’s increasingly important to get a strategy in place.


Renewable energy certificates provide a solution – proving that a certain measure of electricity has been generated from renewable sources. And because they carry a precise economic and environmental value, certificates can also be traded. This turns the production of renewable energy into a marketable asset – unlocking a host of options and incentives for the businesses that are ready to benefit.

How we help

Make the most of the complex renewable energy certificates market, as we put our sector knowledge, industry relationships and operational capabilities to work for you. Secure bespoke solutions that best respond to your company’s energy consumption, location and environmental ambitions, as we combine strategic intelligence and insight into market dynamics to navigate verification, pricing trends and certificate availability.

It’s important to:

Show clear commitment. Avoiding vague or exaggerated claims about use, and taking care to purchase legitimate renewable energy certificates.

Judge timings. Fluctuations in supply and demand make knowing when to enter and exit the market critically important.

Stay compliant. Complex regulation differs by region, and is constantly evolving. Don’t fall behind.

We help by:

Assuring credibility. Only sourcing certificates from recognised, respected and fully accredited bodies.

Sourcing certificates. That meet your goals and support your strategy – with transactions fully managed from sourcing to settlement.

Leveraging access. Securing the most advantageous terms and contracts via existing relationships and deep industry knowledge.


Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs)

The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) is the UK’s scheme to demonstrate that electricity has been generated from renewable sources.


Guarantees of Origin (GOs)

The EU Member States version of the REGO scheme is called Guarantees of Origin (GOs).


International Renewable Energy Certificates (I–RECs)

I-RECs document renewable energy consumption in countries outside of the UK, Europe and North America. This global standard is used by a growing number of countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Why work with us?

Instant access

Meet your immediate challenges with rapid access to renewable energy certificates – in line with GHG Protocol guidance and RE100 best practice.

Bespoke solutions

Aligned to your specific energy consumption, geographic location and sustainability objectives.

The bigger picture

Secure agile, strategic support in a partnership committed to optimising your long-term sustainability goals.

End-to-end management

We handle every aspect of each transaction – from sourcing to trade execution and finalising settlement.

Deep market insights

Get clarity on market dynamics, pricing trends and other factors that impact your renewable energy certificates strategy.

Climate leadership

Lean into renewable energy growth, proactively participating in the new renewable energy certificates economy.

Accredited certification

All of our certificates are sourced from recognised bodies.

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