Structured solutions

From Challenge to Clarity

Trading energy markets comes with inherent complexities and risk.

Market uncertainty and volatility poses a constant challenge which can negatively affect the financial position of your business.

By designing and executing bespoke structured solutions, we can help you reach your energy goals in the most strategic, valuable and successful way.

How we help

CFP Energy offers a tailored solution based on your specific needs, challenges and business goals.

Our expertise across developed energy markets, niche energy markets and exchanges means we're fluent in complex market mechanisms and associated risk management.

Having delivered optimised strategies for specific hedging requirements for over 15 years, our experience underpins our competitive advantage.

By applying industry-leading market intelligence and insights, we design elegant structured solutions for your specific product portfolio, considering your overall trading requirements, risk appetite and financial position - all of which align under one goal:

Delivering maximum value, security and price certainty.

Your structured products

Optimise and fulfil your hedging needs. We offer various structured products and tailor-made solutions, tailored to the asset being traded.

Average Price Index

Trade at average ICE daily settlement price over a period. Low administrative burden. Transparent prices.

Trade at Action

Access Primary Supply via Member State auctions. Agree an order to buy at the auction clearing price.

Allowance Financing

Opportunity to leverage surplus or free allowances to raise funding or generate a yield from ‘warehousing’ allowances or free allocation.


Calls and collars can hedge upside risk and cap compliance costs.

Discounted Accumulators

Actively managed tailored products to achieve significant discounts on current allowances prices.

Carbon Project Finance

As carbon prices continue to rise, abatement projects could reduce compliance requirements or generate surplus allowances.

Why work with us?

Bespoke client proposition

Aligned to your business profile and needs – a world away from trading desks at big banks. Reach energy goals in the most strategic and successful way for your business.

Ongoing optimisation

Access sophisticated hedging strategies to deliver maximum value and security – the result of our fluency in complex financial instruments and market structures.

Democratising access

Enjoy flexibility with agile solutions to suit your specific needs and regulatory framework.

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