Liquidity solutions

From Locked in to Liquid Assets

In today’s dynamic business environment, liquidity is essential.

Economic conditions, technological advancements and global events can affect operations at any time. Liquidity enables a business to navigate uncertainty, seize opportunity and ensure its long-term sustainability.


Assets such as carbon allowances and Guarantee of Origin certificates (GOs) can represent a highly valuable element of your overall sustainability portfolio – and they hold immediate financial market value. Need to unlock extra liquidity? Carbon and renewable assets can be leveraged, before being bought back at an agreed point.

How we help

If you’re looking to liquidate assets from your sustainability portfolio, you’ll need expert market knowledge to ensure that they’re traded effectively. After nearly two decades of navigating these complex markets, we’re deeply experienced in mitigating yield and cash movements. So you can be sure your solution has been structured by an expert hand, to secure an optimal financial and strategic position.

It’s important to:

CoProtect your position. With long-term strategic structuring that defends your financial forecasts.

Maintain agility. Through well-judged short-term liquidity that releases value before buying back.

Protect credit. Any liquidity solution should minimise credit risk as a core priority.

We help by:

Providing credit lines. Through our own balance sheet or trade finance facilities already in place.

Offering collateralised lending. Helping to avoid any concerns around market volatility.

Managing risk. This is central to our DNA, so it is at the forefront of any solution that we provide.

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