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As the energy world has evolved, so have we.

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Environmental Products

With our diverse portfolio of services, we are committed to supporting you through the complexities of the environmental sector to achieve your sustainability goals.

Compliance Carbon 

Voluntary Carbon

Renewable Energy Certificates

Liquidity Solutions

Structured Solutions 

Shipping Emissions Compliance

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)


Enabling your business to navigate and thrive in an evolving energy landscape. We help you optimise energy supply, maximise value from contracts and accelerate the journey to a low carbon future.

UK Energy Supply

Power Market Access & Supply


Renewable Asset Optimisation

Cyber Security




Our team offers comprehensive market analysis, risk management solutions, and tailored procurement strategies to capitalise on evolving market opportunities.




Transition Fuels



Clean Cookstove Projects: Debunking Headlines and Embracing Progress

Amidst the flurry of media attention surrounding clean cookstove projects, it is essential to consider a full range of standpoints to ensure that we focus on continuously improving the quality and integrity of carbon projects. Scrutiny drives change, and with it, the voluntary carbon market can continue to deliver climate finance to initiatives that go beyond emission reductions and offer meaningful benefits to communities.

26 Mar 2024
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CFP Energy win multiple awards in the Environmental Market Rankings 2023-2024

Following a successful year, CFP Energy is delighted to have been voted a winner in the Environmental Finance Environmental Market Rankings 2023-2024. CFP Energy were voted as winners in two awards, and runner-up in a further two.

1 Mar 2024
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Emissions Economics: Understanding the Financial Implications on your Business

From regulatory compliance to ESG initiatives, the financial impact of the evolving energy landscape on your business is important. The balancing act between doing what's right for the future of your business, your clients, and our planet is not a simple decision, but an important one to get right.

27 Feb 2024
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